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Business Improvement Area :: Walkerton BIA Facade Grant

Walkerton BIA Facade Grant


The Walkerton Façade Improvement Program is run by the Walkerton BIA with the objective of enhancing the exterior appearance of businesses throughout the Walkerton levied area.

Businesses must be a levied member of the Walkerton BIA to be eligible for funding. Monies are awarded through an application process. The funding awarded to successful applicants will subsidize up to 50% of the costs (not including taxes) associated with improving the exterior façade of their place of business, to a maximum of $500. Specific improvements eligible for funding include repainting, masonry/wood/glass repair, cladding upgrades, signage, the addition of awnings, shutters, trim and frontal lighting. Improvements must be visible from the street.

Business owners are invited to fill out an application at any time of year. Please note that funds are awarded on a first come, first serve basis, and funding may be exhausted early in the calendar year if numerous applications are received.

Applications are assessed by the Walkerton BIA Board of Directors. Applicants with specific questions are encouraged to call the Walkerton BIA (519-881-3413) for assistance and/or clarification when filling out the application. The approval process takes one and two months to complete, upon which time the applicant will be informed of the outcome. The applicant must submit copies of all paid invoices following completion of the project to the Walkerton BIA before funding will be granted.

The Board of Directors is very pleased to extend this application for the Façade Improvement Program. It is through a series of coordinated efforts such as these that we hope to foster economic growth in Walkerton.



Please provide a typed document, either by email, fax or mail, which includes the following:

  • Your name, your business name, address, phone number and email.
  • A brief description of your proposed project, including the total cost before taxes.
  • The type of work that will be done and the cost for each part of the project. Copies of contractor/vendor quotes must be attached. Priority will be given to applications that incorporate work done by levied Walkerton BIA member contractors. Applicants are welcome to do some of the work on their own but cannot submit labor costs as part of this project; only quotes obtained from contractors are eligible for funding.
  • Paint samples, sign design images or drawings, including dimensions, graphics, photographs of the building or any other attachments that may be helpful.
  • A description of how your project will improve the aesthetic appeal of your building and coordinate with neighbouring businesses, if applicable.
  • The projected timeline to complete the project (projects approved for funding must be completed within six months of the acceptance date).

Please remember that only improvements immediately visible from the street will be considered. Projects NOT eligible for funding include landscaping, roof repairs/replacements, the replacement of windows and doors, new buildings or additions, and interior projects.

Please ensure that you are conforming to all by-laws for signage, lighting and awnings prior to applying. Contact the Municipality of Brockton for detailed information: 519-881-2223.

Applicants who do not own the building where their business is located must have signed documentation from their landlord approving and endorsing the project. Please ask the landlord to sign the bottom of your document before submitting it to the Walkerton BIA.

Applications can be emailed to manager@walkertonbia.ca, faxed to 519-881-4009, or mailed to the Walkerton BIA, 101 Durham Street, PO Box 1344, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0.

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