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BIA 2016 AGM

BIA 2016 AGM

Rescheduled 2016 BIA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Victoria Jubilee Hall 

All Walkerton BIA members are invited to attend the AGM. This is an opportunity to hear from the new board and share your views. Meeting agenda items include the 2017 budget, associate memberships and amendments to existing bylaws. There will be two topics for the membership to vote on:

1.       Allowing associate members to continue holding seats on the board of directors

2.       Approving new criteria for membership of businesses located outside of Brockton

Eligible voters should arrive early to register. The full meeting agenda is availabe by clicking the link below.  Please share this information with your tenant or property owner.

Voting Guidelines

  • One voting ballot will be handed out at the door to each qualified voter who attends the AGM
  • Identification may be required as the name of each person picking up a voting card will be recorded
  • Voting ballots will be available to property owners AND business tenants
  • Property owners will receive one vote only, regardless of the number of properties owned
  • Each business will receive one vote only, regardless of the number of representatives in attendance
  • All votes will be by secret ballot
  • Associate members and Friends of the BIA can also attend the meeting but are not permitted to vote

For more information or to RSVP email info@walkertonbia.ca or call 519-881-3413.

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